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Abby Gross

Eighth Grade

After teaching high school English for 6 years, I fell in love with teaching middle school ELA here at St. Albert the Great. I attended the University of Indianapolis, where I received a BA in English Education with a concentration in teaching reading. I’ve taught a wide variety of English classes, including American Literature, Journalism, Newspaper, and Technical Communication, but I’ve found my happy place in teaching 8th grade reading and writing part-time here at STAG. With the rest of my time, I actually help other teachers by leading professional development, creating curriculum, and sharing my teaching ideas. I’m the proud co-author of a book for teachers: Keeping the Wonder: An Educator’s Guide to Magical, Engaging, and Joyful Learning.

I believe learning should be student-centered, inquiry-based, kinesthetic, and collaborative, and I strive to create an engaged community of learners. 

As an English teacher, I am passionate about cultivating curiosity, creating a community of lifelong readers, and helping young writers find their voice. When I’m not teaching, you can find me hiking & traveling, reading good books, hiking and traveling, eating ice cream, and spending time with my family.

Abby Gross
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