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Values, Mission, & Vision

Mission Statement

With Christ as our model, the community of St. Albert the Great Catholic School welcomes and values people of all faiths, cultures, and economic backgrounds.

We establish a firm foundation in Catholic values, personal character, academic excellence, and service to others while developing lifelong learners. 

Teaching and Living Catholic Values
  • Upholding our Catholic faith as the basis for the moral formation of our students

  • Affirming our belief in the God-given dignity of each person

  • Embracing the differences among us as an expression of the fullness of the Body of Christ

Academic Excellence
  • Comprehensive curriculum

  • Firm foundation with the tools needed to succeed in future endeavors

  • High standards of performance and accountability

  • Dedicated and inspired faculty

Building Personal Character
  • Inspiring students to realize their God-given potential

  • Engaging our parents, faculty, clergy, coaches, volunteers, and entire faith community in developing the person with high expectations, assurance, and support

  • Presenting leadership and service opportunities for our students 

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